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Canada is a very welcoming country to visitors, letting in millions of visitors every year. However, this does not mean being admitted is a simple matter.

Applications to visit Canada, even for a short period, will be thoroughly inspected by the immigration officer to ensure you meet all the

Do You Need a Visitor Visa?

Depending on your country of citizenship, you may not need a visa to enter Canada.

Those whose countries are listed as visa – exempt counties do not require a visitor visa.

Visitor Visa Application

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

If you are from a visa – exempt country and are arriving to Canada by air, you still require an eTA .You do not require an eTA if you are arriving to Canada by car, bus, train or boat.

An eTA is an entry document which is linked to your passport. eTA’s are valid for 5 years, or until your passport expires.

With a valid eTA, you may visit Canada for up to 6 months at a time.

How Long Can I Visit Canada?

Most visitor visas that are issued are multiple entry visas which allow you to remain in Canada for up to 6 months for each visit. The validity date of the visa is usually 10 years.

Border Officer Stamps your Passport

When you enter Canada, the border officer may stamp your passport, which has a specific expiration date. If that happens to you, the stamped expiration date is the date you must leave Canada.

Visitor Visa Requirements

Applicants must be able to convince the immigration officer that you are visiting Canada for a limited time and that you will exit the country before your visa expires.

Canada discourages people from coming as claimed ‘temporary’ visitors when in fact they intend to make permanent residency or refugee claims, bypassing the usual controls and staying illegally.

The immigration officer will assess the following factors:

Ties to Home Country

Applicants must show that they have valid reason(s) to return home

Examples include:

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Demonstrate that your immediate family (or relatives) reside in your home country. Evidence of family members includes passports, birth certifcates, ID documents showing their address and/or reference letters from family members.

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Demonstrate that you are employed in your home country and must return to continue fulfilling your employment duties. Evidence of employment includes confirming of employment letters, employment contract, tax documents, and/or pay stubs.

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Proof that you are enrolled as a student. This includes confirmation of enrollment letter, transcripts, and/or school ID.

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Proof that you own real estate (ex. home residence) or that you are renting. Evidence of car ownership, business ownership or other investments which require your physical presence within the country.

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Other responsibilities

Many applicants have ill family members which they care for.

Purpose of Travel

You must have a valid reason to enter Canada. Whether you are a business traveler entering Canada to visit a client, or a leisure traveler entering Canada for tourism, you must provide documentation demonstrating your purpose of travel.

Letter of Invitation

If you are traveling to Canada to visit a specific person or entity, a letter of invitation from the person or company that requests your presence will be required.
The letter of invitation should describe who they are, the reasons they are inviting you to Canada, and where/how long you will stay in Canada.
Purpose of Travel Letter
If you are a tourist, you should prepare a letter explaining the events or places you will visit as well as where you will stay (hotel or private dwelling). Supporting documentation such as hotel bookings will further strengthen your application.

Proof of Financial Support

The ability to financially support yourself during your brief stay in Canada must be shown.

Depending on the length and nature of your stay, you must be able to provide bank statements confirming the funds required for
your stay in Canada.

If you have a family member or friend who will be supporting you, proof of their finances and a letter of invitation will be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a valid visitor visa in Canada, it is possible to leave and come back?

The answer is dependent on which type of visitor visa you applied for. There are two basic types of visitor visas. One is the single entry and the other the multiple entry visas. The single entry visa is for those individuals who wish to enter for a one time stay and then exit. A multiple entry visa allows individuals who wish to enter and exit for the validity of their visitor visa. If you have a single entry visa and are looking to exit and enter, then you may need a new visitor visa.

How much does a Visitor’s Visa cost?

The government fees vary to which application you wish to apply for. If you are looking to apply for a single entry, Temporary Resident visa or visitor visa, then you must pay the cost of $75 CAD. For a multiple entry Temporary Resident visa then must pay the cost of $150 CAD. A family temporary resident visa or a visitor visa has a cost of $400 CAD for both single and multiple entry.

How can I help a friend obtain a visitor visa to Canada?

When applying for a visitor visa, you are able to provide them with a Letter of Invitation. In this letter you can explain how you are willing to help the person visit Canada. When submitting a visitor visa with a letter of invitation, it does not guarantee an approval for that individual to receive this visa. It is not a requirement for a visitor visa application to have an Invitation Letter.