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Experienced business owners have a relatively fast and easy path to working in Canada. Canada encourages businesspeople who will contribute to Canada’s economy, both in generating revenue and hiring Canadian labourers. If you are ready to invest and open your busines in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for a work permit under the Owner-operator route.

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Provincial Investor Programs

Although are currently no Federal Investor programs available in Canada, many provinces encourage business immigration as part of their economic development plans. These allow people who plan to buy or open a business in Canada to acquire Canadian work experience, and eventually become permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Program.

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Canada is seeking many immigrants with skills and talent in arts, culture, recreation, and sports. The Self-Employed class gives such immigrants a path to permanent residency, but there are high eligibility requirements that must be met to be admitted under this category.

You must demonstrate that you will make significant contributions to Canadian culture or athletics, and you will need to demonstrate not only your past talent and skills, but your future plans in Canada.

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Intra-Company Transferee

International companies that operate in Canada have an easy option available to bring workers into Canada, bypassing some of the restrictions on foreign labour. If you are working for such a company, an intra-company transferee (ICT) work permit may be an excellent way to get a head-start on the road to permanent residency and citizenship.

The Intra-Company Transferee program allows you to gain Canadian work experience without having to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). You must have significant experience running a business and have a thorough business plan to open a parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate company in Canada.

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Start-Up Visa

If you have a qualifying innovative business that can provide significant economic growth and benefit to the Canadian economy, including job creation for Canadians, you may be eligible to obtain permanent for you and/or your family.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Proof that your business idea is endorsed by a Designated Venture Capital Fund, Angel Investor or Business Incubator through a Letter of Support
  • Minimum Language score of CLB 5
  • Proof of settlement funds – the amount required depends on the size of your family
# of Family Members$ Amount Required
1 (only you)12,960
Each additional family member3,492

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to invest in Canada?
For the provincial nominee programs under the investment category, each province has their own requirement that candidate must meet in order to qualify under the entrepreneur/business streams.

For example, candidates must have a minimum of $600,000 CAD of net worth, show they have ample work experience in managerial or supervisor positions, plus meet the legal requirements to migrate to Canada.

Another requirement is investing a minimum of $200,000 CAD in the new business and create full time permanent positions for Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

How much is the approximate amount to invest in Canada?
The amount is all dependent on which province you choose to apply for and which category. For example for a start-up visa, you should look to invest from $500, 000 CAD to 1 Million CAD. This number varies depending on the type of business you want to start up.

For the provincial nominee programs, depending on the province, you should be looking to apply for $150,000 CAD to $600,000 CAD.

What is provincial investor program?
Canada is always looking for business individuals who are willing to invest in the economy of the country. These business individuals must develop a well–established and innovative business that creates jobs for Canadian and be able to compete in the world market. Canada has developed various investor stream and programs that help business individuals relate any creative business idea and introduce it to the Canadian market.

The federal government has developed immigration programs for investors through the entrepreneurial streams, business or self-employed immigration programs that allow business individuals to create an inventive business in Canada.

What are the investor programs?
Under provincial nominee program, a few provinces have created entrepreneurial or investor streams for business individuals looking to finance in Canadian economy.

The provincial nominee programs that have entrepreneur or investor categories include the following:

– Alberta – self-employed farmer stream
– British Columbia – Entrepreneur Immigration
– Manitoba – business investor stream
– New Brunswick – Entrepreneurial Stream
– Nova Scotia – International Graduate/Entrepreneur stream
– Northwest Territories – Business Stream
– Newfoundland and Labrador – Entrepreneur stream
– Ontario – Entrepreneurial stream
– Saskatchewan – Entrepreneur/Farm category
– Yukon – Business Nominee Program

There are also other options that include a start-up visa, owner operator work permit, intra company transfer work permit, etc.