Provincial Nominee Program

Interested in living in a Specific Canadian province? We can help you get nominated and Immigrate to Canada as permanent residence

What is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Provincial Nominee programs allow provinces to select applicants based on their credentials and provincial needs, to become a candidate for permanent residence.

Once you are nominated by a Canadian province, you can apply for permanent residency.

Since the Canadian Federal Government can only approve applicants for permanent residency, PNP is a 2-step process:

  1. Become nominated by your selected province; and
  2. Apply for permanent residency at the federal level
Express Entry Application

Am I Eligible for Provincial Nomination?

This varies from province to province and depends on each province’s economic needs.

Generally, applicants must demonstrate ties to their chosen province, such as work experience, education, and an intention to remain in the province on a long-term basis.

Each province has different nomination criteria, and many have different streams for particular types of candidates. These streams include:

  • Applicants with skilled work experience
  • Applicants with high level education
  • Applicants who are entrepreneurs looking to start or invest in a business with in the province
  • Applicants with specific experience in a job sector with labours shortages

NOTE: Provinces may change their nomination requirements without warning and thus applicants should always stay updated with provincial requirements.

Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry

Once you are nominated by your chosen province for permanent residency, you can apply for permanent resident using the Express Entry System. Most provincial nominee programs are linked with the Express Entry system.

The Express Entry system selects qualified candidate who demonstrate enough points to apply for permanent residency. In the Express Entry system, provincial nominations provide applicants with 600 CRS points. In the Express Entry world, this guarantees an Invitation to Apply.

NOTE: Applicants who are awarded 600 points based on their PNP must also ensure they satisfy the other requirements associated with their Express Entry program.

Advantages of Provincial Nominee Programs

600 CRS in your Express Entry profile

PNP provides applicants with 600 CRS points on their Express Entry Profile, effectively securing an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.

Automatic PNP Consideration from 1 or more Provinces

Certain Provincial Nominee Programs enable applicants with an Express Entry profile to automatically receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) and become automatically considered for nomination. This means you may receive Notifications of Interests from multiple provinces, giving you the choice of which one to apply to.

This allows applicants to bypass making a paper application to their province(s) of choice. They can simply indicate their province(s) of interest within the Express Entry profile.

If you already live in a particular provinceand are employed in a labour sector in shortage, you may already qualify.

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How We Can Help

At Visapath, our representatives help clients become nominated by provinces all over Canada, ensuring they secure their nomination and achieve permanent residency.

Our representatives are up to date with PNP requirements and can help you select the program which best suits your situation. PNP applications can be tiresome and complex. Our representatives are here to alleviate your stress and worries and guide you towards your dream in becoming Canadian permanent residents.

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My thanks to you and your team, Shabnam. My wife and I have just entered Canada and received our documents. I am now a Federal Skilled Worker 😉 We couldn’t have done this without you.

Ernesto D

My thanks to you and your team, Shabnam. My wife and I have just entered Canada and received our documents. I am now a Federal Skilled Worker 😉 We couldn’t have done this without you.

Ernesto D

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Provincial Nominee Program?
This program is designed and targeted for specific workers who have specialized skilled, education and work experience that directly contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory.

The candidates must be willing to work and live in that province which make them qualified to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Each province has different streams targeting to specific individuals who fall under that stream. For example, most provincial nominee programs have a stream directly targeting international graduates or skilled workers. Each stream has its own requirements that every candidate must meet.

Who can apply under this program?
Provincial nominee program usually target international students, business people, skilled workers, and semi-skilled workers. They assess each candidate’s situation and review each application to determine whether they qualify under the stream.
Which provinces have this program?
Not every province is associates with this immigration program, these provinces that have adopted this program include:
– Alberta
– British Columbia
– Manitoba
– News Brunswick
– Newfoundland and Labrador
– Northwest territories
– Nova Scotia
– Ontario
– Prince Edward Island
– Saskatchewan
– Yukon