Taaha Malik

B.A. (HONS) , J.D.



Taaha Malik is an immigration lawyer at VisaPath

She has experience working in Financial Services, Commercial Business, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law and Immigration Law. Through the various experiences Taaha always felt more fascinated by and attracted to the field of immigration law.

Taaha’s passion for immigration law is rooted in her own family’s immigration story. Taaha was born in Pakistan, her family moved to the US for a few years and then immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. Most of her immediate relatives, aunts, uncles and cousins still live in Pakistan. She visits often and is well integrated with her cultural roots.

As a child, Taaha saw the difficulty her family faced when trying to navigate through the Canadian immigration process. She witnessed confusion and often frustration in her parents who though educated were unable to procure efficient and comfortable service to help them understand and work through the process. From her childhood memories Taaha recalls the road to immigration as being a difficult and stressful for her family. Through it all Taaha’s family was successfully able to obtain immigrant status and build a successful life in Canada.

Taaha always thought about the difficulties her family faced in trying to build a better life. She often found herself attracted to volunteering in her community with organizations that assisted with newcomer settlement and refugee welcome centres. As her family had been through the exact same process of moving to a completely new country without any prior knowledge of its legal processes, cultural and social values, she felt drawn towards and connected to these individuals. Taaha found great satisfaction in being able to provide even a little bit of assistance and comfort for those completely lost and alone.

As she became older and pursued higher education, Taaha realized even more that her ambition laid in helping this particular set of individuals. Her personal experience really allowed her to connect and provide the appropriate support and comfort that newcomers needed. Through her post-secondary education she continued to volunteer in the community and take the classes that would provide her with the required knowledge and understanding to assist in her journey. During one of the volunteer meetings she realized that pursuing law would be the most appropriate path which would lead her closer to achieving the goal of helping individuals through the immigration process.

In law school, Taaha participated in different clinics at her school geared towards helping individuals navigate the immigration process. Specifically, she played a big role in the Safe Passage Project – a clinic for immigrant and refugee children arriving in the US unaccompanied. She participated in assisting these young children work through the US immigration process. In conjunction, Taaha took many immigration law classes covering many topics and expertise.

After graduating from law school, Taaha felt inspired and ever more driven to pursue her dreams. She is the eldest in her family and was one of the first individuals to obtain professional education. She believes in setting a good example for her younger siblings and encourages them to aim high and work hard to achieve all goals and aspirations.

After obtaining her JD Taaha moved back to Toronto with an even more clear understanding of her goals. She began working as an immigration analyst at Deloitte where she was able to obtain extensive experience in all different areas of Global and Canadian immigration and non-immigration processes. She enjoyed working closely with individuals and helping them navigate through the immigration process in all types of Canadian permanent and temporary applications. Her time at Deloitte allowed her to evolve into a competent professional who is able to provide remarkable client focused service with professionalism and confidence.

At Deloitte Taaha worked with high-level individuals of multinational corporations. In accordance with her principal goal, Taaha strived to help the layperson, those without any connections or specific advantages. Her switch from a large corporate immigration setting to VisaPath, a small boutique immigration service has allowed her to finally achieve that goal.

At VisaPath, Taaha truly enjoys helping the average Joe in providing that one-on-one client and circumstance focused service. She works as a team with her clients and provides them with the comfort and assurance needed to navigate through the confusing immigration processes. Having been through this experience with her family and continuously working with individuals going through the process, Taaha is able to efficiently use these familiar feelings to provide service with a personal touch and acquaintance.

Taaha is on your team. She appreciates the sense of achievement and accomplishment after working with an individual together as a team get through the confusing process as comfortably and as contently as possible.

Likes and Dislikes
  • Bahar enjoys a cup of coffee from Tim Horton in the morning to start her day off right! She enjoys watching videos on YouTube and TV series on Netflix. She likes spending time with her nieces and nephews.
  • Bahar dislikes YouTube ads and long car ride.
  • Taaha is a barrister and solicitor licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. She was called to the Ontario bar in June 2019. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Toronto. After completing her Bachelors Taaha moved to New York and obtained a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School.